Dining room?

How do you use your dining room?

Dining Room Table

This one is obviously used for eating.

Dining room: rustic table, ghost-like chairs, room for at least 8.

I love this one. Love the rustic table with the mid -century inspired Ikea chairs.

Rustic Modern Dining Room. Farmhouse dining table, brentwood plastic dining chairs,

This is my favorite. A mix of Eames and Rustic.

Now my dining room is never used. Seriously never. Our kitchen table is very long and is a mix of a rustic farmhouse table with Eames white chairs.

This is what my dining room looked like on a regular basis while I was cleaning out the closets. It was a staging ground, especially after I wiped out every closet in the home, I put all the “where the heck do I put these” items on the table. I put projects on there, work on there, kids’ to-do on there. This particular picture shows what it looked like after I finished the office closet and was working on a project for all the kids’ work that I save. Ridiculous. It was only in this chaos for a few days. Frames were hung, pillows were stored in craft bins and fabric was given away.

So I have decided that the table will be used for what it should be used for. Nothing.

It really wasn’t that difficult to finish those projects and now the room is as it should be. A waste of space.

I think I might want to wallpaper the one wall with the artwork on it. I think it would look spot on as an accent wall. And the table looked like this for one hour. Now Miss P’s Communion banner and all the materials are on it. Hey, at least I tried.

image 1 via decor8blog.com  image 2 via gallery.apartmenttherapy.com image 3 via decorpad.com


2 thoughts on “Dining room?

  1. I agree. Dining rooms look nice but end up being a waste of space when you have a great spot to eat in you kitchen! (but them where would you get all those projects done?)

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