Why blog?


I have been asked a few times what made me decide to blog. That is not an easy question to answer. I have been reading blogs for years. I feel like a voyeur at times, looking into the lives of strangers from around the world. I can say that I have cheered these people on through their struggles, laughed with them, cried for their heartbreak and losses. I have been inspired by their creativity and been a student to their knowledge. It is fascinating.

The world became a bit smaller for me. There is not that much that makes us different. We all have souls that run deep, that carry our worries, keep safe our most treasured, and count our beats of life. These strangers, some of whom I find myself praying for nightly to ease their suffering, remind me of how precious life is and how I should enjoy it.

Full disclosure, I am a very private person. So how can such a private person put herself out there like I am doing now? I really do not have the answer for that. Maybe because I am not looking at you face to face while you are reading these words, it makes it a bit easier. I have no idea.

When I became a mother, I instantly felt worried. Would I do it right? Would I show my children a good example of what a humble person is? Would they love me? Would I be enough? When I read these blogs from these wonderful people, they have some of the same worries. Same dreams. Same aspirations.

So I write so that my children will get to know me. There isn’t enough time in the day to show all my facets, and I want for my children to be proud. I write for them. In the fall, I started to not feel well. It lasted for months and months. Over the holidays when I was watching my daughter as an angel at the Christmas Eve Mass and not feeling right, I thought what if I couldn’t keep chronicling all these family moments. The blog represents my most precious and many frivolous thoughts.

But as I have continued down this path, I am amazed and very humbled by the people who visit this site. As I view the different countries that have stopped and visited thehouseoftrue, it really does in fact show that the world is very small and connected, even if it is only through a button on the web.

This blog has been a blessing for me. It has kept my head above rocky waters, given me a reason to think outside of my realities, created a venue for me to open my mind, kept me positive and has been a diary for my sweet children to look at years from now.

I thank you for joining this journey with me.


One thought on “Why blog?

  1. What a thoughtful and revealing post. I feel the same way about blogging and especially love how it opens our eyes to how we really are very much the same–no matter where we are from. I had no idea you were a private person. Your blog then, is more of a gift to the people who read it. Thank you for sharing this with us.

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