Infomercials and summer heat

For two days straight, the temperatures were close to 100. So I kept the kids inside. We didn’t even bother go to the beach. I do not recommend being cooped up indoors for that amount of time.

Within that 48 hour period, Miss P became an infomercial expert. Magic Tap for instance. I had no idea what the heck that was until she barreled into the kitchen and told me we need it and NOW. What is Magic Tap you may ask? I have no idea, because as her lips were going a mile a minute explaining to me what it was with a ketchup bottle, all i thought was, holy crap. These kids need to go outside immediately.

We do not have a pool. We have a hose. That did the trick and let me tell you, these kids were thrilled. At first the kids thought I was watering the ferns in the pots. I casually called them out to show them something and then soaked them. I couldn’t stop laughing. S was so ticked, he told me he was running away. He didn’t go very far, just to the garage. Miss P stared in disbelief for a nanosecond and then screamed to do it again. S lightened up and they loved it. Miss F had to sit this one out because she has been under the weather.

How do you beat the summer heat?


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