Before I had children, I practiced yoga daily. It was just what I needed after a full day at work.  I needed something at the end of the day to focus on other than work. So I turned to yoga.  It provided me moments of clarity and peace. After I had children, I lost my ability or motivation to keep incorporating it in my life.


Recently, I started up with the practice again. It is just one element I have implemented to restore and strengthen my health. One of my dear friends joins me when she is free. Even though we go for different reasons, we really find it powerful and meaningful. Miss P might join me for the basic class. She loves it and practiced it at school for an afternoon activity.


One of the reasons I decided to return was to focus on my breathing. Yoga is truly a practice of breath. During one class last week, my yoga teacher was talking as we were practicing and she said something that hit me right in the face. She said, “As humans, we are conditioned to go back and remember things in the past good or bad, and replay. As humans we are conditioned to always wonder what will happen next. We miss out on the present when we do these things. The past and future are just illusions, neither exist. Only now. Illusions are not our reality.”


Holy cow. You can say that again. I thought about that for days. Remembering the past can be a positive thing, recalling memories that helped create the person we are. Our actions today help form our future. But in the same respect, I totally get what she said. Things cannot be changed that already happened and we cannot write or even rewrite a future doesn’t exist yet. We need to alter our thoughts. If we always think of the past, then our actions reflect that. If we always focus on a future, then our actions and realities are the result of that thought. Pretty deep for a 9 am yoga class. But really, just what I need.

How do you view your “illusions”?

image 1 via image 2 via MILAGROS MUNDO. image 3 via image 4 via To Be Alive.


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