Growing the garden

How is your garden growing? I have to say that we have been able to use portions of it every day. I just love going out there and picking through all the fresh vegetables. S loves to go through it as well, and truly enjoys watering it.

For the last two years I wanted to make something with the zucchini flowers. That is definitely on my list this year. A few more weeks, and these will be ready for picking.

The tomatoes are round and green. I live on tomato sandwiches. I am not kidding. Every day I have at least three tomato sandwiches.

The lettuce is picked every day. Last year, our lettuce bit the dust. This year, it has been a success.

The green beans have been delicious as well. You really cannot beat freshly grown food that is organic.

What have you been picking from your garden? Any recipes you care to share?


3 thoughts on “Growing the garden

  1. It looks great! I too have been able to use the lettuce and swiss chard in my salads. I’ve picked a few cukes, green beans, and tomatoes. No squash or zucchini yet….I’m hoping they survive this year.

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