Artichoke Dipping Sauce

I have been craving artichokes and a sauce to dip them in. I have searched on the web for a few weeks and there have been a few recipes that have caught my taste buds.

Do you have any that you swear by?


3 thoughts on “Artichokes

  1. No, but was told by an elderly lady in the grocery store that there are two kinds of artichokes. The female which have rounder leaves and the male which have sharp pointed leaves. I thought that was odd but I can see the difference. She said the female ones are sweeter. As far as sauce goes, I just melt butter and go for it!

  2. My grandmother used to stuff the leaves with bread crumbs and olive oil. Then she would steam them. That’s the only way I know how to eat them- although now, I would have to find a new way.

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