I think my obsession with Coldplay is a little known fact. To say that I would travel the globe to see them would not be a falsehood. I have seen them live over 15 times. I fell in love with their lyrics well before the Gwyneth Era.

I think the one commonality among people who have a favorite band is the words that inspire such melodies. I can find a meaningful experience in almost every lyric that is Coldplay.

I have countless other bands that inspire me as well, but Coldplay really seals the deal. I just hope when they write, they do so in mind  for small audiences, not the stadiums. I think it keeps them humble. As humble as any rock band can be anyway.

Well, my three kids rock out to them almost every day. S in particular LOVES them. He seriously rocks out in the car to them. He rocks out in the backyard to them. He knows the words and his favorite song is either Talk or Paradise. This weekend, we are taking Miss P to see them for the first time. I am beyond thrilled for her and cannot wait for her to experience them live. She is so excited. I would love to take S, but I think he is a bit too young for them. Maybe next go around.

I cannot wait to capture her moments at the concert. To see her expression when the music starts, the room is dark and then the lights go up.


all images via me


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