So what have I learned?

As my birthday approaches, I have been thinking about what I have learned throughout my life that I am sure of now. What lesson could I tell my younger version of me, say if I met her 15 years ago.

I have written this post and erased it at least 10 times. Sure, I have learned a lot in those 15 years. Some valuable hard lessons, some lessons that are hilarious, some lessons that were a joy to experience, and others that I am just on the cusp of internalizing. Would they make a great post, an entertaining one? Definitely. But that is not what I decided to share.


The one lesson that I have learned, I have ignored over and over again. Every single time I ignore it, I do myself a major disservice. The effects are like ripples of tide-water with an ebb and flow. The lesson is that I should always trust my gut instinct. Whether it is about people and their intentions, a life decision, or a frivolous one, I need to always listen to my inner voice.

Now is as good a time as any. My inner voice only wants what is best.

There ya’ go.


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