The picnic basket


This year has definitely been a year of changes, realizations and hopefully positive growth for me. I guess that’s supposed to happen when you are entering a new decade.

With that, I have decided to start doing things that matter with the people that matter. Live in the moment and enjoy it. So I started with such a simple idea. A picnic.

I have had this picnic basket sitting on our shelves in the storage room for the last 12 years. Has never been used, only moved from new home to new home.  I knew as I kept moving it that one day I was going to use it. One day. Well, one day turned into 12 years. Enough of that business.

We packed all our treats and made our way down to the drawbridge. We put out our blankets and just enjoyed the breeze. The kids ran around, did cartwheels, Miss F chased S around.

It was such a sweet time. Amazingly, all the kids got along. I am glad we used that picnic basket finally.

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