The Alternate Routes

A few weeks ago, we took a quick trip into the city to see The Alternate Routes play.

The band played at Bryant Park Fountain Terrace on a steamy July night. It was perfect.

I have written about Tim before. He is the lead singer and married Moira, from Sheeaun Academy Of Irish Dance.

In a previous post, I wrote about the meaning and inspiration of lyrics and how the melodies of songs make the words come to life for me. The lyrics The Alternate Routes write are just so beautiful. They tell a story, an experience or a snapshot of life. There is more than just talent that is required. It is a perfect recipe of experience, talent, love, emotion and sharing their soul. The Alternate Routes have all that in every song.

Formed in 2002, The Alternate Routes prides itself in not fitting in one genre, but many. I think that is what makes them so unique and special. I am telling you, their crowds dig them. To me, they have a combination of a rock, bluesy, country, alternative vibe.

The band consists of Tim Warren (lead vocals) , Eric Donnelly (lead guitar), Kurt Leon (drums), and Mike Sembos (bass). Their latest record is titled Lately.

That hot steamy night in July, the crowd sang along with them, rocked to them and hung around after the show to get their CD and talk to the guys. You can tell the guys in the band really love what they do.

Check out their website. If they are playing near you, Tour Dates – The Alternate Routes, you should go check them out. You will LOVE them.


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