Trip into Homegoods

I had to pick up a gift at Home Goods and here are some items that caught my eye. I left with one purchase- not for me and took some inspiration home. Think of it as my visual Pinterest if you will.

I loved this queen sized headboard. The nailhead trim and the deep gray was beautiful. I do not have a queen sized bed so it was a no go. But I have been wanting to DIY another headboard for a while. Miss P and S’s beds were DIY’d by us.

This piece was awesome. I love the industrial vibe of it. But I think it could really fit in with many interior styles. It was so heavy. There is a place in the city that sells these for over $2,000. The only thing that made me hesitate was the sharp edges for a toddler in the home. But I seriously loved it.

Tangerine. The store had bits of it everywhere. These lamps were spot on.

And for the dog lover. How cute is this! I am not into dog houses for a residence for our pet. But, for a little piece and quiet for the pooch when the kids are playing outside and he can still be a part of the party, it’s cute. But like I said, we keep our DJ inside.


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