Here is my boy. He seriously cracks me up. Socks for gloves. Three sunglasses. Only he would do this. He came barreling down the stairs and said, “Hey Mom, check me out!”

This was the same day he decided to give himself a haircut. You can see the front is a bit uneven. I chalk it up to being creative. Nothing will beat the time he took a Sharpie and colored his face and inside his nose. He was only 16 months old and in my defense I was emptying the dishwasher.

He is full of energy. I know that his exuberance might be tiring for some, and some might try to make him “behave”. But he is behaving. He is full of life and energy and fun. I will never try to stifle him. He can “conform” when he needs to and is ready. On second thought, why should he?

I was at the grocery store last week with my three sidekicks. This lady was doing her shopping. We made eye contact several times, always smiling or making room for our carts so the other could pass. We were in the last stretch and she came up to me telling me she was looking for us. She handed my boy a grocery bag with animal crackers in it. Then she said, “I had to catch you before you left. I always see you here with your kids. They are always so polite and sweet. You are doing a good job. It is nice to hear that sometimes. I just bought these for your kids. The receipt is in the bag. I have older kids now, but I just had to stop you.”

I was speechless. I could have cried on the spot. Being a mother is the toughest gig I have ever had and I swear I fail at the job at least 10 times a day. But I try. I try every second. My son looked at her and said without prompting, ” Thank you. We like to shop with Mom. If I am good I get gum.” Hey, I do what I can to make it through those aisles and bribery is always my golden ticket. Don’t judge. But the fact that a stranger made a point of saying ” you all exist and you are doing fine and your kids are acting like kids” made me feel ok.

I am feeling pretty good right now, so I will share the major meltdown that happened at the check out register at the end of our grocery shopping for another day. Do you think I can still keep the cookies?


3 thoughts on “Happenings

  1. She just saw a snapshot……thankfully the meltdowns were not witnessed by all. I swear I look like a wreck by the time I finish shopping with them- hair all crazy, eyes wide open, and my clothes hanging on by a thread. I think in all honesty she gave me those cookies because she felt sorry for me! LOL

  2. Mr. S is an awesome kid! He is so genuinely polite and the best part of him Is his heart. He is so loving and sweet. Take the credit. You’re doing good! You deserve a cookie! (or some Ben and Jerry’s!)

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