Emerson! Hello!

OH MY! I caught a sneak peak at the upcoming EMERSON FRY. No seriously ladies. It is FABULOUS. Take a look at all the amazing pieces.

Wingtip Coat Leopard Linen click to sign up!
I am in love with this coat. This can be dressed up or down. Loves it!
Emerson Major Pea Coat, Knit Gilet, Coal denims, Emerson Black Boot, Emerson Big Black Bag
click to sign up! 
All of it. The boots. The jeans. The peacoat. The turtleneck. Everything.
Emerson Ball Cap, Peacoat Charcoal Wool, Turtleneck Black, Sailor Pant Kick Flare
Click to sign up!
If I could wear a hat every single day I would. Emerson is always rocking her green hat.  I am loving these pants. I had a pair like these when I was in college. I doubt they are still around.
Army Coat, Wool Knit Gillet, Emerson Denim Charcoal, Emerson Shopper White Patent Leather, Emerson Black Boot
Click to sign up!
I think this will be my fall look. Army green coat, scrumptious sweater, black jeans and boots. I am so there.
If you have a moment, stop by EMERSON FRY.

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