Sunday Movie Night

There are some days, right around 5:30, that bed time for my kids cannot come fast enough. I wish I could mess with the clock and spring it forward a few hours. Just for peace. They are wired, tired and I am DONE.

Well, one Sunday a few weeks ago, I decided it was time I took back my home and my sanity. I got them all bathed and declared Sundays at 5:30 was movie night. Move night they asked? Yep. I put them in the den. Closed the shades and put in a movie. I made popcorn and said that our cinemas are serious business. No monkeying around and no moving from those bean bags.

I cannot believe it, but they sat there. Watched the movie. Shared popcorn and were chill. I cleaned the kitchen. Fed Miss F and actually patted myself on the back.

So Sundays are now movie night. I surprise them with the movie. They don’t know what it is until it starts to play. They cannot complain or the cinema is shut down and the clocks magically spring forward two hours.



One thought on “Sunday Movie Night

  1. i love it!!! what a great idea…i love sunday evenings too, i like to get ready for the week and get my mind back into work from the weekend!!!

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