Leaves & Pumpkins on the mantle

So I did a craft. I am not crafty. I am not a DIY kind of gal. I like to have the plan, prepare for the execution of the plan, gather materials and gather the man power. Then, I like for someone else who is talented to execute the plan.

So I started simple. I know it is not earth shattering amazing. It is really simple. My cup of tea.

All I needed was fake leaves, a glue gun, real branches (although fake ones would work just as well), urns or any type of sturdy container, and five minutes of time. Like I said, SIMPLE.

I cut the leaves off the branches and hot glued them on the real branches.

The glue stuck like glue. Huh? Well, it did. To my fingers and the branches.

I had to put some fabric in the urns to keep the branches straight and steady. I decided to put them up on the mantle.

I know I could have found some already done at Michaels, but it was easy and cheap. The leaves I had in storage from when I used them at work for the last 5 years. The urns were purchased over 10 years ago and were sitting in storage. The glue gun I had already. So it cost me nothing.


Next up was buying some fake pumpkins and spray painting them with the kids. There were plenty out there in the stores that had pumpkins in different colors, but I wanted the kids to do a crafty project.

We taped off the stems. We also bought rhinestones to decorate the pumpkins later, but we never used them for this craft.

A few days later, I added more orange pumpkins to make it pop. I ran down to the pumpkin patch and they had tons of small ones. I didn’t take a picture though. The kids think it’s cool because they sprayed them.


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