Veterans Day

Happy Veterans Day!

Happy Veteran’s Day to those who have served, who are currently serving and to their families who give so much at home in the name of their loved ones’ dedication to our country.

I make a point to my children when we see a military service person in their uniform to look in their eye and say hello. I fear that as generations continue to grow, they will not remember or even know how much their ancestors who fought in wars pervious dedicated to their freedom. My children have no reference of WW1, WW2, Vietnam or the Gulf Wars. It is only because they have never questioned their safety or freedom in their own country because of the sacrifices made by countless others to protect us. Today’s war in the Middle East that our troops valiantly serve, my children do not know about because they are so young. But, I do know. I thank you.

As countless troops continue to serve in lands far from home, I thank you for your bravery.


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