My Boy is 5

S is 5 today! I cannot believe how quickly time flies by. This little fella is a spit fire. I think I have learned more from him then he has from me. He is all energy, all gusto, and all fire. He either likes something or he doesn’t. And if he likes something, he literally devotes himself to it. He loves life and has reminded me countless times that laughter is a must in life.

When he was a baby, he was never without this wooden car, his blanket and his pacifier. The pacifier was not my idea, but we tossed it when he was almost 3. He would zip around the house, with his eyes closed, on this car. Full speed and he never hit the wall. He would take the corners and columns with his eyes closed!

When the wooden rider became too small, he moved on to his lawn mower. In this picture he literally fell asleep on it as he was driving in circles.

Good times. Permanent marker. I think he did this twice. Maybe three times. I never learned my lesson to hide the markers and he knew that even at 15 months.

S, I love you always. You are such a special little guy. Happy birthday my 5-year-old. I am so excited to watch you grow and learn.

Love, Mom


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