Prayers for the children and staff of the Sandy Hook Elementary school in Newton, Connecticut   12-14-12

How can we ever understand the massacre that happened at Sandy Hook in Connecticut? We cannot. Those precious children, happily working away, learning, engaged in their peers, and excited for the holidays. Excited and happy to be alive, loved and adored by their parents and families, celebrated by their teachers, gone. The ability to feel and give joy, gone.

Whether you live in the community, know of people in the community, or are a person of the world, you cannot sit there and not feel the pain in your heart, the undeniable ache in your stomach, and the tears on your cheeks.

Those precious children, those amazingly brave beautiful children. Those innocent children. The pride and joy of their grief-stricken families. My heart breaks for you. Those amazingly brave teachers and staff gone. Gone. Their families broken for a lifetime. They gave their lives to keep safe those students.

I pray for the families that we know personally who are living this reality. I pray for those families we do not know who will face every morning with a terrible painful ache and a new reality. I pray for the community.

My son is a kindergartener. My daughter a third grader.  Every day I put my precious children on their bus knowing that they will learn, be supported, be celebrated for their individuality, and knowing that they are one step closer to making their dreams reality. It should be a given that a school is a safe haven for our precious gifts to feel free to learn and be wrapped in safety.

I am a teacher. I have been a teacher since 1995. I have practiced these drills for lockdown of intruders countless times. Even during a drill, the severity and the absolute necessity of it was never lost. The unthinkable. I know that every single teacher and staff at that sweet school did everything to keep their students safe. Placing them first. The pure terror being masked with bravery.

Every night, I walk from room to room and kiss my children while they sleep. Without them, I would have nothing. As a parent my heart breaks for those parents and families horribly impacted. It breaks for you. As a teacher, my gratitude for teachers and staff who not only instruct our children, but keep them safe.

May God Bless You.


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