Mantle Madness

Every year we take down the Coldpay lyrics and put up a wreath over the fireplace and mantle. I was starting to get sick of that look. It is pretty at night when it is lit up, but during the day it annoyed me to see all the cords. Plus, by the first week, I get sick of plugging it in.

I decided to get branches from the trees outside, spray paint them and buy the red birds I saw at A.C. Moore and do some crafting on my own. The tree in the room had a bit of a makeover this year when I added red birds to it. Cardinals, specifically, remind me of my Jaju. So I thought it was a special touch. There were several at his home that he used to marvel at when they would perch themselves outside on the branches of the trees by his family room window.

This crafting was super easy. If I can do it, anyone is capable of it. I sprayed them one day and let them dry. The next day, I collected sand from the sandbox area that S plays in. My concern was that it wouldn’t be stable on the mantle. (My father’s idea).

I had to snip some branches off here and there to balance them out and try to keep them flush to the stones on the fireplace.

I placed the birds on and then I  positioned it on the mantle. Just as an extra security, the stocking holders are also placed in front of the glass to keep it from wiggling.



I have to say, I really like the change.


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