Happy Anniversary

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Happy One Year Anniversary to thehouseoftrue!

Creating this blog was a long time coming. I thought about it for a few years, and finally decided why wait another day. I really didn’t think anyone would even find it, and started it for my children. I was very mindful of what I wanted to put on here about them, but wanted them to be able to read it years from now and see it sort of as a time capsule.

I have written before that this blog has been a blessing to me. It has provided countless opportunities, connected me with old dear friends, created an outlet for me to focus on the positive in life. The blog has been great in that it has created a wonderful outlet to make this vast world a bit smaller and more meaningful in the interactions it has had.

So Happy Birthday my dear blog!

Happy Anniversary my love ♥

Where will thehouseoftrue be this year? I see wonderful things in the future. May 2013 be what dreams and hopes are made of.

image 1 via Old Tom Foolery — Anniversary, 0400.


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