To Play or not



There is this fabulous play group that S attended when he was 2 years old. It is just for two-year olds and they keep the numbers extremely low. I believe only 8 children per day with three teachers. He loved it there and I knew when Miss F was born I was going to sign her up immediately. Believe it or not there is a waiting list.

So the day came when I received the call that Miss F had a spot. I was thrilled for her, but also in disbelief that two years with my little girl had gone by. I remember holding her for the first time and now I am going to pack a little backpack for her and send her off.  My reluctance was over shadowed with knowing that she would thrive there and one of the beloved teachers there would be with her.

Miss F is attached to me. We are always together and our bond is extremely strong. My other two children at this age were already very independent, but Miss F is really content being home or where ever I am. Dropping her off was tough.

She did ok, but when I picked her up, I immediately recognized that she looked wiped out. Tired from crying on and off and crying for me. Do I really want to put her through this just so she can play? I know that she will benefit from the experience but it just feels different this time around.

As we were walking out of the building, she grabbed my cheeks and said, ” you ok?” Then she said ” home.” I think I know what my answer is.


2 thoughts on “To Play or not

  1. I have the same bond with my munchkin. It must be the last born. She wants me to stay with her at preschool. Miss F will be ok. This break will allow her to build good coping skills. Hugs!!

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