Look Who is 2!



My Dearest Miss F,

As I watch you grow, I marvel at your sweet nature. Since you were a tiny baby, you have had such a gentle calmness about you. Now as you grow older and communicate through words to us, not just gestures, you are always hugging us, asking us if we are OK, or what’s this or that, or cuddling with us. You love to call our names, ask us to play or sit next to you. You are a blessing to us all.



This year you have accomplished so much. Talking in sentences, laughing at your siblings, dancing alongside your sister, building with your brother, skipping along throughout the day. You are my shadow and where ever I am, I know that you are right beside me.  You love your blankets and foofos and you love your owl and baby. You hug them or carry them around patting them on the back. You always give DJ a hug and kiss every morning and put all your babies in your crib and “read” them your books before you go to sleep. You love ice cream, toast with peanut butter, hash browns, and smoothies. You like to write notes now and doodle and scribble on paper and hand them to your recipients. You insist on dressing yourself and make sure that everyone has their coats, hats and shoes before we leave for our adventures.



I cherish and hold in my heart the moment you were born. The bond was already strong as steel. You looked at me and I you, and when you heard my voice you were silent searching for me in the room. You have changed my life and I am grateful for you. Oh, how I adore you.  Through your eyes you see a wonderful world, a world to skip and dance and love.

I love you.



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