Downton Abbey

The World of Downton Abbey by Jessica Fellowes


I am the very last person in the entire universe it seems to get on board with Downton Abbey. I really feel like that. I rarely watch tv it seems, well half way decent programming anyway. I am a huge Revenge fan and it is on the same time as Downton Abbey. So I got on Hulu and carved out 10-1 am for two nights in a row and watched the first 7 episodes.

Am I hooked? Sort of. Will I watch the remaining episodes? Definitely. I have always been drawn to that period of history, so I think that is where the series interests me the most. But with our obsession with fast paced, computer created imaging with 3D and blue screen out there, it is very refreshing to have normal programming that holds its own because of amazing writing and talented actors. Compelling acting and a sincere script seem to be hard to come by now, and with that watching this program is refreshing because it serves both in one.



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