Tiny Irish Dancer



When Miss F was born, Moira, from Sheeaun Academy Of Irish Dance, gifted her with her own pair of ghillies. I only hoped that she would love to dance when she grew. I never imagined how much she would actually love to dance. She literally dances! She has watched Miss P dance every day and it has made such an impression on her.



She actually can find the songs on the Ipad and play the correct ones all on her own. She will stand and wait until the right part of the song and say “1,2,3 GO!”  She is off, dancing and trying the same steps her big sister does.





I credit Miss P with Miss F’s interest.




5 thoughts on “Tiny Irish Dancer

  1. molly loves to dance she goes to class on a tue night dose warms up and then runs out alice has her first feis tomorrow shes not like skye its her way or no way god only knows what shes going to do on stage god love her xx

  2. Hi Mom,

    When I start practicing Miss F would always join me! Whenever I’m in the middle of my dance, if she runs around to the music right in front of me, I would always have to dance around her!!😜😜

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