Mean people suck. 

Some people really need to get this in check.

I am so happy I surround myself with people who are kind, thoughtful and caring.

If you find yourself around people who do not have your best interest at heart, you need to check them off your list. They do not deserve you, no matter how nice you are to them.

It took me years to realize this. There are just some people who find drama and talking not nicely about people  their way of life. I think it is because it takes the focus off their own reality, so they want to make other people hurt inside as much as they do. Who needs that? Definitely not you. Believe it or not, even adults can be bullies. So be kind to yourself, and focus your energy and devote your time to people who count. I made a shift over a year ago, and I have never looked back.


2 thoughts on “Kindness

  1. Dealing with negative people can be a challenging part of life. I am glad you are moving on to happier pastures!! I am also learning to make that transition. -Corinne

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