Denim Cut Off

501® Shorts - Sun Blocked - Levi's -

Denim Cut-Offs are my go to when the weather gets warm. My staple is a white button down, wood bangles and a gold chain. I have a vintage pair of Wranglers that I have had since I was in college. I stole them from my dad and made them into cut offs. They are so wrecked now, even with all the patches, that I have put them away. I have a few that I rotate, but they are not even close to a vintage pair.  Here are a few styles that caught my eye, all different price points, but all equally as cute.

1969 destructed sexy boyfriend shorts

A&F High Rise Shorts

Are you a fan? What is your go-to when the temperatures hit 100?

image 1 via Levi’s 501  image 2 via Gap. image 3 via rag & bone image 4 via


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