Messy Hair


Embrace Messy Hair.


I have never ever ever been one to sit and get ready for hours. I do not “put my face on” and then spend any fair amount of time on my hair. It is what it is. I can say that I have always been this way. I embrace messy hair. I do. That is just the way it is. I look at these girls who can spend a good amount of time on their make up and hair and it looks spot on. Perfect. If I did the same thing, and spend a good amount of time on these things, I can assure you that it would look like I did it in 5 minutes. What is the trick? Minimal is my look I guess. I grew up seeing the exact opposite. I grew up with someone who would put her face on for 35 minutes and then do her hair for an hour. I don’t have time for that. Maybe I am rebelling against it. Who knows. But messy hair it is, unless I get it done professionally, and then I sleep sitting up for three days straight so it won’t get ruined. No lie.


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