Ebay annoying

Vintage Double Sided For Sale Sign Tin

I am downsizing and rethinking what I want to keep or sell. A lot is going actually. I have a list 3 pages long. I kid you not. So I started to sell pieces of furniture on Ebay. It has been interesting to say the least. I am very specific in my descriptions and the fact that buyer is responsible for arranging and paying for their purchases. See, I am selling off big pieces, and I want no part in any of that. I have purchased many vintage mid-century pieces and I have always organized and was responsible for my purchases, not the seller. I was totally cool with that. Well, I have to say it has been really annoying to say the least. Someone tried to scam me. That didn’t go over well. Another buyer had to back out because she didn’t know the abbreviations for the states and was shocked when I said my state was across the country from her state. Who knew?!  I am currently waiting for another buyer to pay for the chairs she purchased. We are going on day 4. What is the protocol for time frame to pay for what you bought? I think 4 days is pushing it. Is it me or is this normal when dealing with buyers?


UPDATE: Buyer asked to cancel. Yet another one who has no clue that SC is not next door to my state. I think Geography classes are a must in our educational system……..


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