I feel S always gets the short end of the stick when it comes to fun things for him to do. His weekends have always consisted of going with us to all of Miss P’s dance events. Not fun for him at all, but he was always a good sport about it. He has tried skating and hockey. We have an outdoor rink by us, and he really started to get quick on the ice. He is fast, and loves to race around the rink. I always thought hockey would be a great sport for him and the Mr. was semi-pro once.

I have signed him up for soccer for the last two years, and he was more interested in running around not after the ball. But this spring, something clicked and he loves it. Dare I say, he is really good. He is on two teams and plays three days a week. He enjoys the clinics and can’t wait for the games every week. He scores consistently and doesn’t stop running the entire time trying to get the ball.

I am so excited for him. I want him to feel proud of himself and also be a part of a team. Good things ahead for my little guy.


One thought on “Soccer

  1. Love this post! He looks so grown up in the picture. I am excited to make it to one of his games now that school is over.

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