GMO Whaaat?

Over the last year I have started to make a conscious effort to be more a more specific and educated buyer when it came to the foods I bought my family. What I thought were healthy choices, were far from it and I started to realize how little I knew as a buyer when it came to the food I put in my grocery chart. Who knew that natural didn’t necessarily mean nutritious or even good for you. I started to panic as I looked through my cabinets and pantry when I started to really read the labels on the packages.

NO GMO….now it sounds great, but how can I actually purchase with that in mind. And what is GMO anyway. Dr. Kendra will be stopping by the blog to give our readers and bit of background and some useful tools as consumers when we are at the grocery store.

Is my family 100% non-GMO? No. Definitely not. I can say that we are a solid 85%. We still have our guilty pleasures of ice cream and chocolate. And when we eat at restaurants or other homes, we enjoy what is on our plate, without worrying. But, I can say that since I became more diligent, my children have only had positive results in terms of their health and attitudes.

I found a fabulous APP that I go to when I have a question on a product that I might buy at the grocery store. It is called the Good Guide.

Scan the barcode on any product and this free app will tell you if it meets your standards regarding nutritional value, animal welfare, or energy efficiency.

All you have to do is scan the bar code and it give the product a rating in terms of nutritional value, how green it is, etc. It is one step to become a more educated consumer and I am cool with that.

The GMO Series with Dr. Kendra will start this week.

Kendra Becker-Musante, ND, FNP, BCFamily Wellness Centre of Connecticut
181 Cross Rd
Waterford, CT 06385
Your “4A” specialist (asthma, allergies, autism spectrum, and atopy/eczema)


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