Happening for my guy S

During the week, S and I make sure we do some academics before we start out the day and have to get back home in time for his bus. I can’t help but plan out what we will work on every day. From phonics, reading readiness and fluency, and math. Now, we have been adding another dimension to the work. We hop on Youtube and watch an educational short on something that interests him. As of late, it has been dinosaurs. Thankfully, I used to teach a three month unit on dinosaurs, so I have loads of things for him to look at, build and read in my work boxes that are now in storage. But the videos that we have been discovering are incredible.



We live relatively close to a dinosaur museum that he always asks to go to. We try to go twice a year in the summer months because it has a water park and a short walking trail. I already promised him after school gets out we will head there as a treat. Also on the summer field trip list is heading to the city and see the dinosaur exhibit there.



He also learned how to ride his bike without training wheels over Mother’s Day weekend. He literally is on that bike now every chance he gets.



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