So, harem pants. I really wish I was that girl who could pull these off. I ordered a pair and sent them packing almost immediately. But if the look was a sure thing for me, these are some that have caught my eye.

Harem Pants

These are adorable. The thing is I am not a fan of the saggy toosh on me, but these would look killer with a crisp white shirt and sky high heels.

Not quite harem, but close. These are cute because they are totally casual. Afternoon brunch or an evening seaside sunset.


Definitely more palazzo, but still the same vibe as the harem style. Floral print is still everywhere. I still can’t quite go there though because floral pants remind me of when I was in 8th grade and they were huge then. Some things I just can’t do and if it reminds me of how I dressed when I was 13, then it is a pass for me. But, I have seen some ladies work the floral pant style and look a-mazing. These are cute because they seem so light.

Are you into the style?


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