Knock Knock

Do you have a door knocker? When we stayed at the Viceroy, every room had a massively heavy door knocker. I loved how they looked and the utility of it was perfect. I am thinking of adding one to the new door and not do a door bell. Here are some that caught my eye.

Key Front Door Knocker
This one pays homage to my Kappa Kappa Gamma life. Definitely not classic in nature, but a conversation piece.
Boxer Dog Front Door Knocker : Black Country Metalworks Ltd
A Boxer! Are you kidding! This is unreal and right up my alley. DJ would love this. But still not going on my door any time soon.
for the front door
This one is more my style, but not close to what the Viceroy had.
I think the next one is my favorite of all.
Doorsmart Composite Door Furniture - Doctors Door Knocker P7009
Decisions. Decisions.

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