Craving or maybe more like Missing

KKG rock at uconn
My days at UCONN are long gone, but I can instantly go back in my mind and be there like it was. The UCONN of today is nothing like the UCONN of my days. Brand new buildings where fields or paths once were. My old sorority home, now just a memory having been replaced by dorm like digs for the sisters.  I ventured up there a few years ago, and I swear I could still  close my eyes and hear my friends laughing, planning the next trick on the Sigma Chi guys, watching for the ticket guy and moving our cars just in time, the smell of the large lecture halls, and the trek to Huskies. Finding the one quiet corner in the library, using pen and paper to write our reports and meeting by the rock to paint our letters. It is almost like we left imprints there and the souls of what we were then, were left behind to still mingle.
When August draws to a close and September greets us with the quiet entry of fall, I miss UCONN. The air to me during these months reminds me of my days there. Maybe it is crazy to think this still, decades later, but it does. UCONN did more for me then supply three majors. It instilled in me loyalty, created relationships that are some of the most special and meaningful ones in my life to this day. It provided a glimpse into possibilities of life and it also allowed for me to be independent and nurtured at the same time.  When I graduated, I was ready to leave, start my career and venture into the world. I had it mapped out, and none of what I thought would happen did. Didn’t use those well deserved majors for long and plans for what could have been splintered into new avenues and new roads to new possibilities.  But I can still say with 100% certainty that UCONN was and will always be one of the most special places on earth for me.

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