Stamped Concrete

When I think of concrete, I thing of the boring grey that you often see on sidewalks. But the concrete of today is nothing like the concrete of yesterday. I am trying to avoid pavers this time around. The endless weeding is not how I want to live my newly simplified life. I would weed in between the pavers and the next day hundreds more would be in the exact same spot. I supposed laying down concrete first and then putting pavers on top would be a viable solution. But for now, I am searching for other options. Stamped concrete is looking pretty good.

stamped concrete porch but want it for a driveway
Trying to figure out what color to stain our stamped concrete porch floor...LOVE THIS SLATE LOOK!
Stamped concrete
Stamped concrete driveway
The possibilities are endless. Staining, stamping and patterns are really limitless. I am even thinking of doing the patio, drive and walkways using this method. Still in brainstorming mode, but it is an idea that I never considered until seeing these.
Do you have stamped concrete for your hardscapes?

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