Sofa shuffle

Finding a couch is an impossible task. With building and moving into the new home in a few months, I decided to sell most of the furniture I currently own and start new. Fresh.  So I started my search for a new couch.

I had a few targets. It had to have a single bench cushion. It had to be a slipcover. It had to be a piece that could go with my mid-century, but also tie in with the cozy quality too.  It had to have great reviews, hopefully made in America and reasonable delivery estimates.

Belgian Slope Arm Slipcovered Sleeper Sofas | Sleepers | Restoration Hardware

I have been eyeing the Restoration Hardware Belgian Slope Couch for over two years. RH had an amazing special. For every $500 you spend you get $100 off.  Hard to beat.  I called the store and asked a few questions. I was still deciding on the length of the couch. I sat on it numerous times, so I knew it was unbelievably comfortable. I was ready to pull the trigger, but decided I would wait one more day. During that time I did an impromptu search on the reviews of the couch on google, and let me tell you, there are a lot of disgruntled RH customers. I learned that it is not made in USA any longer, and delivery is sometimes months  and months delayed. This isn’t a cheap purchase so I decided to not pull the trigger and look elsewhere.

So my obsessive searching online began. I started with a Google search, a pinterest search , and a One Kings Lane search. I contacted Lee Industries and could get one made to my exact specifications and it would be less than the Restoration Hardware one. Score. After looking back at all of my Pinterest pins, I noticed a theme. The couches were more traditional with all of the other pieces being more mid-century. Almost like the rooms were layered over the years.

I had send me fabric options. The company offers customized options, so I could get a bench cushion made and a slipcover. The styles that I liked the most were these.

Bluebell Sofa | Traditional Sofas | | Sofas, sofa beds & beds |
Snowdrop Sofa | Traditional Sofas |

When I got the fabric swatches in, I wasn’t that thrilled with the colors.  I looked at Pottery Barn thinking I wouldn’t find anything. I found the style, and color, but no single bench cushion option. Miss F and I drove up to the store one rainy Tuesday and sat on it and loved it.  Delivery estimates were reasonable, it was made in America, and the slipcover came in white denim. SOLD.


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