Counter Confusion

I am in the process of deciding what type of counter top I want for the kitchen and pantry.  I want to make the right choice the first time around, unlike the last house. We put in butcher block, when I really wanted to put in Carrara marble. Cut to three years later and the butcher block is out and the marble is in.

I love my counter tops. I love the look of the marble. However, I am a TYPE A personality and would have a mini heart attack if a glass was left on it and left a mark, or water from the sink, or food from cooking.  I slowly let go of that, but it took a few years. Now, I actually like the way the counters have that lived in look. We treated the counters as is always recommended, but that sealant never worked for us.

So I am now left with a decision to make for this house. Do I stick with what I love or go for something that looks like it, but is durable?

My first choice is the Carrara marble. Timeless and can do no wrong. This is my current kitchen.



I then found this quartzite. I love the veining of it. The colors are perfect. It is a bit hardier than the marble, but will still have etching with daily use. So I would basically be in the same boat.

Soapstone is also beautiful. Timeless. I would shy away from the greens and stick with the greys. But the patina does change over time and it can chip. I would be nervous around the sink area.

That leaves me with granite. The thing is, if I went granite it would have to look like the Carrara, which seems to not exist on this planet. I went to the local granite supplier and asked all the questions and they are helping me with my search. Here are some that caught my eye.

Sea Pearl Quartzite - Granite Slab Polished 3cm

This is sea pearl granite. I love this, but am not sure if it is granite or quartzite. It identifies it as both on the website.

Valley White - Granite Slab Polished 3cm

Valley White granite is a top contender. I like that it in the same color family as the carrara.

This is Bianco Itaunas. Not my first choice if I have to go granite, but it is still nice.

I am really liking this white pearl extra granite too. I think this is also a top contender.

Decisions. Decisions. I really like this process right now and it allows me to test my creativity. I do not picture us moving again. This will be the home that our children return to as adults with their own families and I want to make sure my choices are timeless and on budget.

Have you found a granite that looks like Carrara?


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