Sadie Escapes



Well Sadie has been such a sweet addition to the madness. From the get go, she hated the crate. I think the word hate is actually being too kind. One morning, Miss F and I ran to Lowes to pick up some things. We were gone for less than an hour. Shopping with a toddler is a hit or miss thing and I do not dilly dally when Miss F is with me. Ticking time bomb anyone. So I know we were not gone for very long. I had to take a detour and head back home. Thankfully I did. No seriously, it was not good. I heard her barking, more like crying from outside the house. I ran in to find that the crate had moved about three feet and she was literally outside of her crate with one hind leg wedged into the wire and stuck. OH MY FREAK OUT.  I tried to pry the metal apart, but her leg was wedged in. It looked mangled. Finally, after what seemed like forever, I got it out. She dragged her twisted back leg on the floor to DJ. I have no idea how I held it together. I scooped her up and immediately went to the vet. The Mr met me and they took us in. Xray. Nothing was broken. A lot of bruising. I almost lost it.



She would cry in the crate. Shake. I think she wanted out because DJ was not in one. When we got back home, she lied on her bed and DJ licked her wounds. There are a few lines from the imprint of the medal on her leg, but she is fine now. And the crate is out of here. She goes all night without having to go outside and she is an absolute doll.


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