Benjamin Moore Super White
Paint. That is where I am at right now. I am really going very white this time. I will pull my colors with my accessories. I have always loved the crisp look of white. It truly is easy to clean and for me it just makes my spaces look larger. I know. I know. There is a school of thought that dark colors make a space appear larger as well, but for me, it is all about the white.
BM Super White is on my cabinets from the house we just sold. I love this color. It reads clean and to me, it doesn’t have a yellow tint in it. I am thinking I am going to go this route for a majority of the walls in the new home.
Benjamin Moore white dove for cabinets
BM White Dove is also second in the running. It really is similar to the super white and in some lights I see gray in it.
Benjamin Moore Gray Owl
For the lower level and S’s room, I am going with BM Gray owl, but 1/2 tint. The girls’ rooms will be white because their fabrics will have punches of bright colors and I really want for them to stand out and not compete against the wall colors.
Are there any white paint colors that you swear by?

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