Happy Birthday



My little guy and I went on a lunch date last week. Just the two of us. I savored every single second of it. We laughed the entire time. He had belly laughs actually that day. We had no distractions and it was bliss.

Today my little boy is 6 years old. It really seems just like yesterday I brought him home from the hospital staring at him wondering how I could make him happy doing all the things boys like to do. He loved to rock as a baby and have me sing the Itsy Bitsy Spider or the ABCs over and over again. For hours. I did it without hesitation because it made him happy. He loved his blanket. Actually, he still does.

Now he loves soccer, construction, math and building with Legos. Now he loves french fries, bacon, salad, fruit, scrambled eggs and coffee ice cream. Now he loves to break dance and do flips. But, when I scooped him up last night and showed him how I would rock him and sing to him, he looked at me and said, “Maybe that’s why I like to hear music so much, because you always sing to me.” The things he says sometimes stops me in my tracks and he makes me laugh. His mind is always going and he is hilarious. He tells me every day our older boxer DJ is his best friend. Last week, during the madness of dinner, he ran up to me and hugged me and told me he was happy. It is in those moments I take hold and store away to remember.





I love you S. I am so proud of you. Let’s celebrate YOU!

Love, Mom


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