New Year’s Eve

Are you hitting the town tonight? I will most likely be asleep by 10 pm. Those days are long gone of when I would celebrate the passing of one year and ringing in the next. I actually prefer to stay home and chill out. Watch a movie and have a drink in my pjs. But if I were the partying kind of gal, and was actually going somewhere other than my own home, this is how I would want to spend it.

I am definitely not a sit in the woods kind of gal. I am actually afraid of them sometimes. But other times the solitude and peace that it can bring is so welcoming. Sitting by the fire, watching the night sky and seeing the glistening of snow is kind of where my head is at.The REAL winter wonderland exists (and it's in Finland.) read about this magical destination in our gift guide today. #northernlights #travelwell #goexplore
Illuminating the night
Lehman's - Lehman's® Racer Sleds
With some late night sledding.
Yep, that would be pretty much perfect.
How are you celebrating the Eve of the New Year?

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