Word of 2014


This is not a new concept in blog-o-world, but “word of the year” is on my mind. As we begin onward with a new calendar year, I really thought a lot about what I want my word of the year to be. A word that I can reflect on, maybe center me when I am lost in a moment, stressed, humbled, or even happy. It had to be a word that can be interchangeable in meaning and also in magnitude. My word is peace.

I often get lost in the memories of the past. I have carried in my heart and mind those cherished people who are no longer by my side every day. It can weigh on me at times and also those same memories help me rise to a happiness. Sentimental is definitely my middle name if I had one. But I think when I get lost in the sadness, more like emptiness of the losses, the word peace will calm me and center me.

Elation and joy can be fleeting, like anything else I guess. But it is in those moments when I feel joy not formed from anything material, that peace can also be remembered. It is in those moments of feeling joy that allowing peace to enter as well will make those moments all the more special.

So peace is my word. What is your word for 2014.

Happy 2014



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