Herringbone Love

My almost obsessive love for herringbone floors is a bit strange. I can spot them immediately. It doesn’t matter if it is in a home, store or restaurant. I have at least 50 pictures I have snapped on my travels of this pattern. So when the discussion of what we would do for the new build and the floors occurred, I casually mentioned herringbone in the foyer. I didn’t have my hopes extremely high because I had no idea of the cost and if it would look a bit strange in just the foyer. The line item was passed, and the foyer has them! I could live in just this space alone.



Excuse the blurry picture, but here are the floors after the initial stain and poly coat. The front door has since been painted black and the kitchen is now in. The fireplace will be covered in marble tiles.



This week the final two coats of poly will be applied and we will begin to slowly move things in. I love how open and bright the space is. I didn’t stop in the foyer with the herringbone. I decided the kids’ bath should have the same pattern, but in Carrara. Timeless.


2 thoughts on “Herringbone Love

  1. Amy- oh my goodness, your new house looks beautiful already! I love your style and cannot wait to see the final product, please post lots of pics!
    Beautiful job!

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