Finding the right stain for the new home wasn’t as easy as I thought. Sometimes I forget the reality of my life and that I have three children and now two boxers. So the dark floors that I have craved to have for years was not exactly realistic. Well, for me anyway and my tendency to be a neat freak and utter dislike for all things dusty. The last few months living in the old home turned rental, my neat freak ways had to be put aside to deal with the realities of running around like a chicken with my head cut off. But I knew that the 50% Jacobean 50% Ebony stain that I really wanted wasn’t going to work for my issues.

So the floor guys knew what I loved and picked three options for me that would be the closest to the look I loved but without the upkeep of constantly wiping clean the floors 20 times a day. Going from left to right, the first one was the most popular choice that the floor guys said for their clients. The middle one was dark walnut. The last one was the lightest. Our last home had no stain, just poly. The lightest stain reminded me of the floors we had, so I opted that one out. I wanted a change. I deliberated between the first two, but ultimately chose the middle one. It wasn’t super dark, but still had enough variation in the stain that I found most drawn too.



Here is after the second coat of poly. The stair rails still need to be stained ebony at this point, which will be done this week. The entire house is pretty much painted in BM Chantilly Lace, so I like how the stain on the floor breaks up all the white.

What would you have chosen?



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