Moving Checklist
Over the next two weeks we are slowly moving into the new home. Believe it or not all my previous moves I did in one day. This time, I am taking a different approach. The lower level will be completed in two weeks from now, but the main living area and upstairs is basically complete. So I am actually going to take bins over and unpack as I go. So when the last box is brought over, everything will be in place and I can sit down and chill. I am starting with the kitchen and pantry and moving my way to the other rooms. I anticipate taking 4 or 5 days to do the top two floors and staying there after that.
We are all so excited to get back into a routine after this. It has taken a toll on the kids at times, being shuffled around, staying up late and running around trying to get the home ready. These really are not problems at all. I definitely realize that, although they will be happy to be in one place and settled. I know I will be.

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