Delicate Touches

I have been pinning images of delicate gold or rose gold jewelry for a while now. I am not a big jewelry person. I actually do not even have my ears pierced. Never wanted them even as a kid, and I have no desire to have them now. I wear one ring and have about 6 necklaces that I always rotate. I guess its simple to keep it simple. But I have been having my eye on some pieces that I would love to have some day.

MADE TO ORDER - One Tiny Memory Knot - Knotted Thread of Rose Gold Ring - Stacking Ring - Delicate Jewelry - Memory Ring. $9.50, via Etsy.
This delicate rose gold memory knot ring is so simple. They are made to order and would look fabulous as a single ring or even stacked.
Choose a Stone - Thread of Gold - Tiny Stacking Ring with 14k Gold Set Faceted Stone of Your Choice - Delicate Jewelry
So is this one. Simple and sweet.
I love delicate layering rings like this little golden feather
I love love this one. The feather is so darling and I think this is number one on the list for me.
Ring infinity necklace Three ring necklace by jewelrycraftstudio, $27.50 My favorite is the silver one because it would match most of my earrings.
lucky four leaf clover necklace. love!
So many to choose from.

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