The last visit



I knew when we would move from the old home, S and Miss F might not remember much of it as they grew older. I wanted to take pictures of my children at their only home they ever knew for their very last time there.

It was a great home. Memories flooded every room and the yard supplied countless kick ball games, tag, sledding, garden building, snowmen, bike riding and chasing after the dogs days for them. So on the last day they were there, it was freezing, like below zero temperatures. Sadie refused to get back in the car because she loved to run through the woods and meander around the yard. I think she will miss the place more than anyone. Miss F fell asleep on the ride over, so I captured Miss P and S first.



Miss P learned how to ride her bike here, Irish dance, read, become a sister, and countless other character building events.



S learned how to build legos, crawl, walk, run, read, ride his bike, be a big brother, and countless other things as well.



And Miss F. She probably won’t remember much of her very first home, but I can assure you she filled those rooms with laughter and love.





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