Making Plans

It All Appeals to Me: Wednesday's Wise Words

So I have decided to take some time for me. Pretty self centered move? Not really. For almost a year I have started to feel a bit off. Kind of like a door mat. No. Actually, like a door mat. And I basically am over it. The never ending lists. The never ending running around. So I have decided to start doing some things for me and not apologizing for it.  My children will always be number 1 on my priority list, so that is a given.  But with that, I think me being a close second on this list will be my new standing.

So what will I do now with my new attitude? Starters, going back to yoga. I haven’t been in over a year and a half. And going by myself, alone with my own thoughts or lack of thoughts, is sounding pretty good.

Another thing is connecting with friends. I miss seeing my peeps.  With my kids activities, Miss P’s dance commitments, soccer, selling the home and dealing with the issues involving that and the new build and all the stress with that, I had not one day to rest or see anyone. It has taken a toll on me. Texting was like the only form of communication which isn’t a great way to keep in touch.

I have dinner with friends planned once a week for the next month and yoga on the schedule once a week. Making steps in the right direction folks.


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