What’s Outside

The landscaping is far from complete here. The back porch is half completed. Still need to figure out the railing systems on both porches. The yard is a muddy mess. No grass. The fence needs to be installed in the back for some much needed privacy and safety for the kids and dogs. The drive needs stones until we decide if we want pavers eventually. The lighting in the stone walls need to be hooked up. The list goes on and on.

The last home had a mix of roses and shrubs. For this new home, I want simple, no fuss. No commitment. Here are some images that I am digging.

side porch with lanterns and boxwoods
Boxwood spheres with Lamium White Nancy and white petunias. Deborah Silver, landscape and garden designer.
water feature, boxwood & urns
So basically I have all the black pots, small and large. I am sticking with boxwoods and ferns. That’s it. Eventually, I would love to put a few apple trees on the perimeter of the property by the fence. I would also love to have 1 lilac tree in the front . Every single mother’s day my children get me an apple tree. We had to leave those at the house when we sold it, so I would love to have some here. Lilacs remind me of Mama Up the Farm and the farmhouse. I love the smell and they remind me of my childhood.
Let’s get the warm weather here ASAP. I am excited to get my hands dirty!



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