A touch of Morocco



So a few people have asked about my search for the wedding blanket.

It took me years to find it. I am not exaggerating. Every single time I found one, I would inquire, and it would be sold. Or the length wasn’t long enough. Or the coloring. I had a specific one in mind.

It had to be white. The closest to white as possible. I really didn’t want one that had white yellow because my linens are all white as well as the walls. If it was on the yellow side of white, it would look dirty, even though it wouldn’t be.

It had to have enough sparkle in it as well. The one I finally purchased, didn’t have enough sparkle as I had hoped, but the color and dimensions were right on.

It had to be authentic. There are many knock offs, and for me I wanted the real deal which meant I had to really do my homework. I knew what market value was on them and some sellers were marking them up extremely high.

I ended up going the etsy route. The seller was extremely reputable. It shipped from Morocco the next day and he was very communicative to me. I would definitely purchase again from him.

I take it off the bed every night, although it is extremely warm. The kids actually use it to cuddle and watch TV.



Would I do anything differently? No. It was a great find and one that I am extremely pleased with. I love that it has a story.


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